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Well Trained Dog

Northeast Pennsylvania
Dog Trainer: In-Home & Virtual Dog Training. Transform Your Dog!

Dog Training to Prevent & Solve Dog Behavior Problems Quickly & Kindly. Reward-Based.

Imagine Your Unruly Dog or Puppy Transformed Into a Wonderful Companion!

Frustrated by your dog or worried your puppy will be out of control? You want a dog that listens to you and doesn't jump up, steal stuff, bark or pull on the leash, but it's hard to know what to do and which dog training techniques are the most safe and effective. You've tried googling and asking friends, but you really need some guidance from an expert you can trust who will get to know you and your dog and advise you on an ongoing basis. Jess is here to help!

  • About our dog trainer, Jess Rollins: Jess has been in the dog training world for over 20 years. She has a BA in biology and a Dog Trainer Counseling Certificate from the SF-SPCA Dog Training Academy. She is also the founder of with 100's of articles authored and a book there. She has also been a groomer, worked in a boarding facility, ran a retail dog supply store, volunteered for Guide Dogs of the Blind and fostered dozens of dogs as well as competing in agility and dabbling in scent work! In addition, she is a long time student of personal growth and psychology.

  • Jess offers private, personalized sessions in your home or virtually at a time that fits your schedule and tailored to your needs. Jess will coach you and your family so that your dog or puppy behaves better and thrives. And because Jess uses reward-based / force-free techniques and kindness for BOTH ends of the leash, you will find the sessions fun and enjoy an increasingly trusting and cooperative relationship with your dog. 

  • Please read about our offerings below, including one especially designed for kids. We offer options to fit any budget. (Service areas for in-home sessions: Clarks Summit, Luzerne, Dallas, Wilkes-Barre, Kingston, Pittston, Back Mountain, NEPA and more (range of 25 miles from Sweet Valley, and farther locations at an additional charge).

Private Dog Training for Puppies & Dogs of All Ages:

About Sessions with Jess from Guidance Dog Training: 

  • Personalized instruction in your home or virtually using kind and effective techniques. Just 15 minutes per day of fun exercises to a reliable and well-mannered dog! 

  • You only need to commit to one session at a time - no costly programs that you could get stuck in! Pricing is $90 and up depending on your needs and location. 

  • All sessions include extensive follow up instructions for you to be able to do your exercises during the week. 

Manners & More for Puppies and Adult Dogs Basic to Advanced!:

  • Your dog will learn: Sit, down, wait or stay, come, leave it, drop it, leash walking and more. A free e-book written by Jess and a training clicker are included!

  • Problems solved!: Jumping, nipping, potty training, pulling, barking and more.

  • Prevent aggression and fear and learn what to do if it develops. 

Solving Behavior Problems:

  • GEt help with problems such as aggression, barking, separation anxiety, severe leash pulling, fears, shyness, guarding. Jess uses gentle and kind techniques that help your dog heal from his fears and not cover them up with corrections which can make things worse. 

Kid-Friendly Sessions for Puppies and Dogs:

  • Instruction just for your kids: Safety around dogs, how to tell what their dog is “saying”, fun trick training and games to play with their dog and how to participate in dog care like feeding and brushing.

Fun and Games Sessions!

  • Discover fun new ways to play and learn with your dog, including scent work, trick training, adventure outings and movement games. Your dog will become more calm, confident, and responsive - building the bond you dream of!

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Happy Dog, Happy You!

A Few Guidance Dog Training Success Stories

I have known Jess for many years and seen her excellent training skills. I have had her pet sit my own dogs too, which says a lot since I am extremely picky about who can watch my girls. I highly recommend Jess for all of your dog needs. She is not only an extremely skilled professional, but she is kind and compassionate to both dogs and humans.

Review from Malena Demartini, (Master Dog Trainer)

Over the last year, our pup has been experiencing increasing anxiety/reactivity with neighbors in our apartment. Before working with Jess, we tried working with another dog trainer but struggled. I had resigned myself to a stressful next few years. Enter Jess: after one session, our pup's anxiety around neighbors has significantly improved. Jess walked us through helping our dog feel less anxious. It is life changing to have the tools to create a peaceful walk with our pup. We are excited to continue working with Jess!

Review from Stacey W

We loved working with Jess from our first session. With our last dog we watched a ton of YouTube videos. There's something you can't get from a video though which is interaction and feedback to your specific needs. Jess is highly trained in her field and knows her stuff. She's patient and offers solutions that work for your family. I implemented her ideas for jumping and it worked within 5 tries. Definitely need to continue reinforcing it but I was impressed! I would highly recommend her and her services!

Review from Candace G

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Quick & kind dog training help. Private, in-home sessions in NEPA and Zoom sessions worldwide.

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