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Dog Training Programs

Manners & More Program for Puppies and Adult Dogs:

  • Personalized instruction in your home or Zoom using kind and effective techniques. Just 15 minutes per day of fun exercises to a reliable and pleasant dog!

  • Your dog will learn: Sit, down, wait or stay, come, leave it, drop it, leash walking and more. A free e-book written by Jess is included!

  • Problems solved: Jumping, nipping, potty training, pulling, barking and more.

  • Prevent aggression and fear and learn what to do if it develops.

  • Ongoing support via email/text follow up (up to once per week) for one year!

  • Satisfaction guarantee: Jess will work with you to make sure you are happy!

  • Sessions included: Four, one-hour sessions. You can choose all in-home or hybrid programs using Zoom. Weekend times are generally available!

Problem Solving or Advanced Manners Program:

  • Includes all of the features of the Manners & More, plus:

  • Solve problems such as aggression, barking, separation anxiety, severe leash pulling, fears, guarding. Or teach your dog advanced manners to make sure your dog can respond even when distracted.

  • Six one-hour sessions.


Kid-Friendly Program for Puppies and Dogs:

  • Includes all of the features of the Manners & More, plus:

  • Instruction just for your kiddos in safety around dogs and how to tell what their dog is “saying”, fun trick training and games to play with their dog and how to participate in dog care like feeding and brushing.

  • Five one-hour sessions.


Contact Us Today for a Free Phone Consult!

Quick & kind dog training help. Private, in-home sessions in NEPA and Zoom sessions worldwide.

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