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Frustrated by your dog or worried your puppy will be out of control? You want a dog that listens to you and doesn't jump, steal, bark or drag you on the leash, but it's hard to know which dog training techniques safe and effective for your dog and family. 

Our trainer Jess Rollins has been in the dog training world for over 25 years. She has a BA in biology and a Dog Trainer Counseling Certificate from the SF-SPCA Dog Training Academy. She is also the founder of with 100's of articles authored there. In addition, she is a long time student of personal growth, psychology and effective communication. 

Jess offers private, personalized sessions in your home or virtually at a time that fits your schedule and tailored to your needs. Jess will coach you and your family so that your dog or puppy not only behaves wonderfully but thrives! And because Jess uses reward-based / force-free techniques and kindness for BOTH ends of the leash, you will find the sessions fun and enjoy an increasingly trusting and cooperative relationship with your dog. 

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