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Teaching Your Dog to Come Requires Practicing During Many Different Distractions!

Practice makes all the difference!

Distraction Scavenger Hunt for Recall Training

Print this out and check an item off when your dog responds properly to your cue 5 times in a row
(without repeating the cue or showing your treat first).
When you check off each item 3 times you are ready to go to the next challenge!

Goal: Come when called from up to 20 ft away (next level would be up to 50 ft in or out of sight).

What is your dog most distracted / challenged by? You can reorder this list in order of difficulty for your dog.

___ Starting level: Inside with familiar (not-exciting) family members around

___ Outside on pavement

___ Outside on grass

___ Outside while sniffing but not that engaged in it or just paused from it

___ Outside while sniffing more actively

___ Outside in the wind, rain or snow

___ You've tossed something (Use a leash at first to prevent your dog from getting the thing and self-rewarding)

___ A person is in view

___ A dog or animal is in view

___ A person / dog / animal is moving or exciting

___ A guest is visiting your home

___ In a new location like a park of friend's yard

___ Something (a toy or chew etc) is in your dog's mouth

___ Food or a toy is visible but out of reach

___ Food or toy is visible and within reach

___ Actively playing with another dog or person

___ Barking at something

___ Add your own:

___ Add your own:

___ Add your own:

Hints: If your dog fails the challenge, try again by making it a bit easier or your treat a bit better or both!
Once your dog aces all of these you can start again with father distance, out of sight or asking for a sit and stay before rewarding, etc.

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