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Yes, Virtual Dog Training Sessions Can Help You and Your Dog!

Jess offers remote dog training sessions via Zoom that are convenient and effective!

How Dog Training Help by Zoom (Remote Video Sessions) Can Help: 

  • A remote training can be a very powerful to get personalized help with your dog's issues or get your puppy on the right track! 

  • You will get your dog training questions answered and more! A session includes an extensive personalized training manual with more information to delve into later and a recording of your session if you would like to re-watch it.

  • For some dogs this type of learning is more effective because the stress and distraction level is low. I find it an especially helpful way to start training for dogs that are fearful. 

  • During the sessions you can share video of your dog with me and I can share demo training video clips with you. I will also get you on the camera practicing exercises with your dog and coaching you through them in easy steps. 


  • You will learn how to solve issues like jumping, nipping, potty accidents, pulling on the leash, barking and more.


  • You will learn ways to prevent and solve more serious problems like fear, aggression, separation anxiety.


  • You will learn how to teach your dog basics skills like come, sit, stay, "drop it" and "leave it".


  • You will find out when to use rewards and why to avoid corrections and the best age to start training your dog.


  • You will learn what type of training would be best for your dog moving forward: private, groups, etc.


All in a convenient, fun, affordable and surprisingly effective virtual session!  Schedule your session today!

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Quick & kind dog training help. Private, in-home sessions in NEPA and Zoom sessions worldwide.

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