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Is Your Dog Jumping on You or Your Guests!?

Train your dog that in order to greet you or guests she needs to be sitting!

Solving Jumping Up By Teaching Sit to Say Hello

Jumping up is usually a social and attention seeking behavior. It means your dog is friendly (in most cases - although it can also be charged with a bit of frantic or anxious energy which will require very patient and positive-based training).

Even though it's friendly though, it can be annoying and even dangerous for those that of us that are smaller or frailer. 


I use a couple methods to work on this, depending on the environment and the dog. I find that the old "turn your back and ignore" doesn't tend to work very well.


Train a super strong sit: It does help to practice your dog's sit so that becomes an easy thing for your dog to do instead of jumping even if excited. Reward your dog for sitting in lots of excited situations like when you dance around or hold a toy or when she wants to go out of the door or get her food bowl. 


Use the door as a training tool: Crack the door open with your dog on the other side. Ask your dog to sit. If your dog sits (or is otherwise calm), slowly enter. If your dog jumps, say "eh eh" or "no" and leave and close the door. Repeat. You can also exit a door anytime your dog jumps on you once you are inside. Using a tether/leash: Approach your dog, if your dog sits, feed a treat or otherwise greet, but if your dog jumps, say "eh eh" or "no" and leave the area. Repeat.

With both of these methods it helps to practice being silly or doing things that may tempt jumping up (such as dancing around, putting your arms up, sitting or bending down, holding something above your dog's head) and work with the above methods to show your dog not to jump up even during these distractions.

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