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Is a Hybrid Program Using Zoom Right for My Dog?

  • All In-home or hybrid program?: Jess offers two main types of programs: all in-home or hybrid programs. Hybrid programs are 1/2 virtual (via Zoom) and 1/2  in-home sessions. She most commonly does hybrid programs since they work very well and are less costly for folks. Since it is fairly new to train dogs virtually using Zoom we thought a little explanation of how it works may be helpful!

  • Can virtual sessions really help to train my dog? As long as you can manage the technology, then most likely YES! Some of the advantages of the remote session is that it allows Jess and the clients to really focus on what is going on with your dog with less distraction. Jess is able to take a thorough history and can view videos you send before the session. Then Jess can make lots of notes and create a behavior plan for you and those notes are shared with you. The Zoom session is recorded so you can have it to view later if you wish.

  • How does a hybrid program work?: Sessions are between one to two weeks apart and last about an hour. Your first sessions meets over Zoom. You send any videos Jess requests before the session and then you meet virtually and Jess will ask questions to get very precise about your dog and what is going on and will explain how the training method works and answer any questions you have. Then she will begin to go into more detail about the specific problems or concerns you have with your dog. At the end of that first Zoom, Jess will give you some concrete things to do to begin to address your problems and begin training. During the next session which is in-home, Jess will do some more observation of what is going on with your dog and see how your progress went with last session's homework. During this session Jess will be demoing how to teach your dog new behaviors and coaching you and your family on how to teach the behaviors and how to continue to improve on what your dog has learned during the week. The next Zoom session will be getting up to speed on your progress and what is working and not working and how we can take it to the next level. During that session Jess may ask you get on screen and practice some of the behaviors with your dog so she can coach you on how to improve. You continue alternating like that until your package is complete. Jess' packages are between 4 to 8 sessions. Homework of about 15 minutes per day is required for the best results as well as following other recommendations Jess suggests about changing up the environment to help your dog succeed. BTW, if you are still unsure if Zoom will work for you, we can always switch to an all in-home program for an extra fee. 

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