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Priceless Dog Training Sessions
  • Now offering "Priceless Dog Behavior Help” sessions when I have space in my schedule!

  • The single sessions are geared for folks who are not ready to commit to a dog training program either because they are unsure it will work for them or they can't afford it.

  • Choose from a few time slots (weekends are generally not available) and whether you would prefer: 

    • A virtual session (in which Jess will see your dog on camera or you can share pre-recorded video and the session is recorded) or:

    • Meet at Jess' residence in Sweet Valley (which is outside in an unfenced grassy yard off of a dirt road.)

  • In either location, Jess will coach you on how to use reward-based dog training techniques to move towards your goals for your dogs.

  • The session will last 45 min to an hour.

  • The virtual session is recorded and you are encouraged to take notes as follow up notes are not included.

  • I recommend that you have fresh treats (about a cup ¼” size), a 6 foot leash and either a collar or a harness and a treat pouch or fanny pack.

  • At the end of the session you are requested to pay whatever amount you feel expresses your appreciation of the help you received but is also not a burden for you financially.

  • If you are interested in a session, please fill out the form below. 

Request a Priceless Session
To begin, please fill out the information below!
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